Our mission is to create awareness around the importance of having a properly functioning, healthy pelvic floor. We want to help women understand and learn about how the pelvic floor works and the important role it plays in maintaining a healthy pelvis and back. We think it is important to have one place where you can access all the relevant information, interact and share experience with likeminded women, and get the answers to all your questions. Join us!

Are you at risk of pelvic floor problems and pelvic organ prolapse without knowing?

Do you give your pelvic floor any thought? You might have a head in the sand approach to your pelvic floor, “my symptoms aren’t that bad” or “I’m lucky not to have any obvious pelvic floor problems”, sadly it doesn’t mean that you don’t or won’t have a dysfunctional pelvic floor or one that is heading that way.

It’s easy to find out - take our simple pelvic floor test to find out the real state of your pelvic floor, and spend a little time learning how to recognise problems, avoid them or fix them.

Are you already suffering from pelvic floor problems?

We want you to feel confident about your pelvic floor, how to best address existing problems and confidently recognise whether you might be at risk of further problems and how to best tackle these. We want to have an open conversation about it, that’s why we created a forum where you can join in the conversation and get your questions answered from the professionals or each other.

We care about your pelvic floor and we want to help you understand why it is so important that you care about it too. We are here to support you along the way the best we can.

Let us help you reconnect with your pelvic floor today.

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“A wealth of knowledge all under one roof! Thanks Bodyconnect for putting such useful information so clearly together about how to look after my pelvic floor. I have been hiding my symptoms for years and to have come across a resource that I can use in my own home to help me understand all my symptoms AND offer ways to help myself is a real joy. Interesting articles, step by step videos, and a great forum to talk with other women about similar problems. Thank you. ”...

Claire | May 2016 See More Stories

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We are a secure online community created for you by professionals with everything you need to know about how to look after your pelvic floor.

  • Educational and demonstrative videos
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