Success Stories

We are so pleased that so many of you have found what we do helpful and we are always thrilled when people recommend us. Here is what some members wanted to share about our previous workshops and the Bodyconnect website and community.


Pelvic floor is something I'd always put to the side kidding myself that "I'm too young to worry about sorting it now, I'll do it later." But I ended up attending a local workshop and I was blown away by my own ignorance and embarrassed about what I thought I knew. I was taught what the pelvic floor looked like, huge traps that women post-birth fall into with tips on what to avoid, and I was given great advice on how to manage and maintain my pelvic floor amidst the chores of my everyday life. I really recommend grabbing the opportunity to get to know your pelvic floor because it does matter and has had a massive positive impact on me feeling more confident and in control.

Julie (physiotherapist)

I would highly recommend this well-structured informative workshop to women of all ages. The course content covers some anatomy which helps you understand how the pelvic floor works and how to find and control it. Lene, expertly provides you with a test to see how well your pelvic floor is functioning and goes on to explain how to exercise safely. All course participants were able to have their own personal questions answered in a relaxed forum. Lene remains professional and knowledgeable throughout. I came away feeling confident in how to manage any pelvic floor issue I may have now or in the future.


In my mid thirties I had two normal and natural births. One was a hospital water-birth, that was long but otherwise text book, and the second was at home with the baby zooming out while an ambulance waited outside!

I paid no attention to my post birth-body, giving up the yoga and swimming I'd done religiously throughout both pregnancies, while I focused on bringing up the kids.

It wasn't until my youngest was two years old that I met Lene. We got chatting at a school coffee morning and I was fascinated by her approach to postnatal care for new mums. Something I hadn't been offered at the time. Wanting to learn more, I signed up to one of her workshops and have been so glad I did ever since……

During the workshop I learned a huge amount about my body and the importance of a strong, functioning pelvic floor. I also learned that many seemingly irrelevant symptoms are often the body's way of letting you know there's a problem. I'd been living with mild incontinence for as long as I could remember and, because it was so minor and would come-and-go, I'd ignored it. I guess I thought it was a normal side-effect of becoming a mother!

Anyway, thanks to that workshop and the subsequent care I received from Lene we've stopped a snowballing pattern I was caught up in. All without surgery. My pelvic floor is now working properly and I no longer have any of the symptoms I learned about at the workshop. I've kept up my regular pilates and literally haven't looked back.

My advice to any new mum - or any women for that matter - is to get yourself checked out by women's physio. It's likely you'll have something going on without realising it and it can be so easy to sort….. particularly if you're on it early. -Natalie


At BodyConnect's workshop I found out that all the things I thought I knew about my pelvic floor were mostly wrong, but now, thanks to both the workshop and their prescriptive Pilates classes, I am better informed and able to do the things I enjoy once again.


Thank you Lene for such an informative workshop. The content was so well delivered and you created such a relaxed environment for everyone to ask such intimate questions. With a little girl and another on the way I thought I knew it all about my Pelvic Floor - how wrong was I!! With Lene's magic 'Cough Test' I easily located my Pelvic Floor and realised it needed help. Lene provided some fantastic, easy-to-use tips to locate the relevant muscles and ways in which to strengthen them. Her immense knowledge and interest in the area shone through and she was brilliant at answering all questions. I would recommend any women to attend Lene's BodyConnect Workshop and will continue to put all her valuable advice to good use!


After suffering from back pain for a number of years I finally discovered Lene and BodyConnect, which has put an end to my misery. I found Lene to be experienced and extremely knowledgeable and most importantly able to explain in simple terms why I have suffered back pain after having children. Lene has helped me to think about making small behavioural changes which have made a big difference to how comfortable, confident and active I feel.


Although my physical niggles are probably common, I feel that Lene delivers a treatment which is specific to my needs. Her in depth knowledge is impressive and her approach really motivating. She is committed to getting me in the best shape possible which makes me want to put in the effort with my “homework” too which means there is progress on each visit.


A wealth of knowledge all under one roof! Thanks Bodyconnect for putting such useful information so clearly together about how to look after my pelvic floor. I have been hiding my symptoms for years and to have come across a resource that I can use in my own home to help me understand all my symptoms AND offer ways to help myself is a real joy. Interesting articles, step by step videos, and a great forum to talk with other women about similar problems. Thank you.


I felt that my muscles and bladder were weaker when I started to get back into exercise after my second son. I only noticed this when I started to get back into jogging and found I needed to go to the loo within 30mins which wasn't quite right. I was always pleased that my pelvic floor had been pretty strong post child-birth however, with a lower-back problem for many years I wanted to find out how to rectify this matter and I had heard about Bodyconnect.  After a physio session (where Lene also helped hugely with my ongoing back problems) I discovered that my pelvic alignment was totally out and, therefore, my pelvic floor muscles were weaker and couldn't be so supportive. Subsequently my confidence has got back to normal as I practice regular exercise which strengthens my body and makes me feel great. I felt so much happier knowing more about the large area of muscles which us ladies need to look after and the pelvic floor is something we take for granted when young, free and single! Lene has a fantastic manner and a brilliant way with her patients which is important when this is considered a sensitive matter  - I have no doubt that Bodyconnect is THE place to go for many women who want to continue to enjoy our busy, modern and fun loving lives today. (without feeling hindered or embarrassed)


I came across Bodyconnect when I was pregnant with my second child and attended a practical workshop about the function and health of my pelvic floor and why it is so important to understand it, exercise it and look after it. I can honestly say what I learned in 2.5 hours helped me to stay healthy and confident during pregnancy and birth as well as recover much quicker post giving birth than with my first child. For me Bodyconnect’s approach and content provided a good balance of education and understanding first, followed by exercises and practical tips like warnings signs . Its empowering to not only feel you are in good health but that you have enough knowledge and understanding of your body that you can actually do something about it when you feel a bit off sometimes!


Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist

As a specialist women’s health physio I have been treating women with pelvic organ prolapse , urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction at all stages of life over the last 25 years. Sadly it takes most women at least 10 years before they seek help, if at all. During that time women are exposed to so much information on the internet that ranges from helpful, to alarmist, outdated or simply wrong. Bodyconnect is an enormously helpful site with updated & evidence based information so women can make well informed decisions. It is not just about information, you can directly interact with specialist and receive a prompt answer to any questions you might have. This is the sort of information that we would like all women to have access to, please help to spread the word to your friends and family.


Chartered Physiotherapist

After three children and an acute episode of back pain I saw Lene who not only assessed my back, also my core, pelvic floor and biomechanics .She treated me for the acute episode of back pain (at Covent Garden Physiotherapy Clinic) and helped me to appreciate the complexities of the pelvic floor and importance of doing the exercises correctly, for your individual needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough to help with a long term strategy and treatment plan. Bodyconnect really help me alongside having my treatment with the demonstrative videos and it highlighted to me how important it is to have a well-functioning pelvic floor for all stages of life, to identify risk factors for problems and how to avoid them. All women should learn about their pelvic floor with Bodyconnect- they provide reliable, research based information and specialist support via the forum. Go sign up today!


Chartered Physiotherapist

As a Physiotherapist I often refer patients to Lene for her specialist knowledge and expert treatment of any women's health condition. Bodyconnect allows my patients who are unable to access her in clinic to gain her expertise in helping treat and manage their issues. The site has a very useful resource library, a range of well-presented and informative videos in addition to an interactive forum which allows women to get answers to their specific questions.